Friday, March 21, 2008

Dallas Mavs

We came, we saw, we rocked Texas. On our day off yesterday I took R-Allen out to my ma's house to fix up that ankle of his. It was a Perkins family remedy...Tussin. We ran out of it as we were puttin' it on his ankle, but no big dealski, just added some water, shook it up - MO TUSSIN!. What happened- Allen hit the game winning shot and we win. Yo' welcome.

I chipped in with 30 minutes played and 5 points - what of it. I owe last night's game to the boulder squats (ya - that's right, I just picked up a boulder outside of my ma's house and did some squats). We got another day off today....and the Hornets tomorrow....if we win it'll be out FiF W in a row.

K.P. - OUT


Matthew said...

KP, nice run through Tex! How'd it feel to be back home (just about) and droppin' the premier teams of the West? I've been following Boston since you were about a year old and it's great to see the Green dominating once again. I pull for you each game because it's nice to see my namesake throwin' down dunks or posterizing another player with a vicious block. I teach 8th grade students and I have one or your blocks against Deron Williams as my desktop background on my computer. I've told them that you are my cousin and some actually believe me (8th grade . . . what are you gonna do??) Anyway, nice idea to blog! Keep hustling on the floor and you'll get your looks. Make me proud . . . our name depends on it!!

Go Celtics!!

Matt Perkins

Mike from Methuen said...

Hey Matthew, I love the enthusiasm and all, but this isn't the real Kendrick Perkins, is it??? I kind of thought this might be a joke. Do you really think it's KP? I doubt he has all this time to blog. I bet it's a fan just like us, but that's just my guess. Your thoughts?